The effectiveness and safety of diode laser hair removal have been confirmed by dermatologists around the world.

This technique is suitable for all skin types, non-invasive, no down time, economical and reliable, and is considered as a gold standard for hair removal.

Non-invasive & Rejuvenation and Skin Remodeling


Intelligent laser hair removal platform

Reliable Hair Removal Outstanding performance

The favorite wavelength for all skin tones

The 808nm wavelength is the most widely used one, which is suitable for most body parts hair removal, which is “Gold Standard” for the hair removal and offering your patients safe and highly effective hair removal solution. 808nm is CE approved,808nm is FDA cleared

755nm/808nm/1064nm size 12*20mm²

Professional and Aesthetic systems

24 real-time monitoring tests items


12.1” touch screen

FDA cleared

display of applicator


Large Spot Size

The large spot size brings the deeper laser skin penetration and faster hair removal treatment speed.

Compressor cooling system for rapid cooling

The industrial grade compressor takes just 4 seconds to cool to 4℃. Temperature is stable at 4℃ even during constant high laser energy shots. This ensures an more excellent protection for the skin and a more comfortable experience for the patient.

Intelligent temperature monitoring system

A high precision PT100 temperature sensor is built into the applicator adopting a PID algorithm, which controls the Sapphire crystal temperature and maintains a constant 4℃, ensuring the skin is well protected.


Aesthetic Mode

Pre-set parameters for safe and easy use, key operated, minimal training required

Professional Mode

Intuitive parameters with ability to alter settings in order to achieve desired results. The ultimate in accuracy and efficiency

Double filter, Twice the protection

Lasermach is fitted with an advanced two-stage water filtration system. The first stage adopts PP-cotton to filter out impurities and prevent laser blockage, the second stage uses Resin to filter out metal ions, avoiding inner laser corrosion and prolonging system life.


OLED display of applicator

The unique OLED display built into the Applicator shows treatment settings and progress. This enables the operator to focus on treatment, which improves speed and safety of operation


Professional Mode

Aesthetic Mode

Large HD screen for perfect interaction

The large 12.1” touch screen monitor uses a high resolution 16:9 aspect ratio and holds a Samsung 8 bit A53 1.4Ghz processor. The Android based user interface is supremely easy to use.


Automatic 24 point initiation check

When the machine is turned on, an automated 24 point system safety check is launched. This ensures it is in perfect working order and highlights any problems to the user in advance.


Applicator situation monitor

Our intelligent system senses when the applicator is placed back in its holder and laser use is disabled in this position, making it impossible for accidental shots to be fired. The cooling system also automatically shuts off. These special features ensure that Lasermach is both safe and environmentally friendly.

Internal safety monitoring

Secure and energy-saving

Professional pulse constant current laser power supply

Maximum current: 100A, Maximum power: 2000W. The high power capacity provides sufficient energy for optimum results. The multistage steady flow system and high precision anti-shock functionminimises impact on the laser, prolonging its life.


High reliable diode laser stacks

The extremely high quality US manufactured laser bars allow for 20,000hours of continuous laser usage; 20 million shots are guaranteed.

Verification and Certification

Lasermach are manufactured according to the International standards and have been cleared by the most important International notified bodies. Wingderm® is EN ISO 13485:2016 certified.


High Quality Design Materials

Lasermach's all-metal framework contained within the ABS plastic outer shell provides a robust and premium quality feel. The carefully designed water filtration and electricity separation systems also ensure the highest safety standard.



Exquisite craftsmanship, strict selection

Aluminum alloy handle

45°design of screen

Hollow back design

Applicator Pipe material

Water level observation window

Foot switch design

Foot switch platform

Speaker design

Lasermach video