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From the aesthetic industry needs to the future development, Wincloud© was successfully released!

For a long time, aiming to provide better services for global customers and create a safe and reliable service platform, Wingderm® has made a lot of investment in IOT technologies. Recently, Wingcloud© was officially unveiled at the global webinar.

Wingcloud© is a digital online intelligent platform dedicated to simplifying the management of medical beauty devices. Through the IOT technology storage, analysis and visual data, to break through data barriers and guide the service improvement & business model innovation. Wingcloud© will provide a complete service matrix for a more safe and efficient, intelligent medical beauty equipment service strategy deployment in the future.

Adhering to the vision of “Aesthetics & Technology, Easy to Achieve “, Wingderm® is always committed to providing leading and reliable products and services to every customer. Technological innovation is the lifeblood of the survival and development of Wingderm. With the strong technical foundation and high-end talents reserve, with the power of “Internet of Things + intelligence”, Wingcloud© was born in response to the medical device situation, to provide global customers with better services.

The future has come, join us for a new journey!

The scalp application of MesoSkin©

Dr.Yelena Gannibal said:”MesoSkin© is the best device for hair loss treatment and provides professional scalp care. Practising mesotherapeutic procedures with MesoSkin© exclusively on the scalp, we have achieved impressive results.”

Dr. Yelena Gannibal is a distinguished hair and dermatologist, CEO of the Czech Republic Trichology Clinic,

thanks to Dr. Yelena Gannibal for sharing the recommend letter and the amazing results by using MesoSkin©.

The research and sharing from Dr. David Castillo of MesoSkin©

Come along with Dr. David Castillo to get the professional rejuvenation treatment with MesoSkin©!

MesoSkin© offers Hollow Microchip + Electroporation combination therapy–the Safe and Effective answer to deeper penetration, higher absorption.

Dr. David Castillo is an outstanding doctor with over 20 years of rich medical and aesthetics experiences, focusing on skin rejuvenation.

Thank you to Dr. David Castillo for letting us see your excellent work !

The recommendation letter of MesoSkin© benefits shared by Prof Ncoza Dlova

Thank you so much Prof Ncoza Dlova for the recommendation letter and for sharing the MesoSkin© ‘s excellent clinical tests results with us.

“The study showed that MesoSkin© is a safe and effective meso machine and can be recommended for aesthetic meso treatments with no serious concerns.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   — by Prof Ncoza Dlova


Dr. Ludmilla Grobler’s study about MesoSkin©

We are glad to see that “MesoSkin© The Latest Virtual Mesotherapy solution” was published in the A2 magazine by Dr.Ludmilla Grobler from SouthAfrica.

The study showed that MesoSkin© can help to resolve problematic skin such as acne and pigmentation, MesoSkin© treatments can effectively be done on the face and entire body with visible and satisfactory results already after the first treatment. Courses of 4-6 treatments, 2 weeks apart are recommended for the best results.

Thank you, Dr.Ludmilla Grobler,for sharing your such amazing work with MesoSkin© !

Clinical Application of 1550nm Non-ablative Fractional Laser

Laser has been used for medical purposes for just over 30 years. With the continuous development of laser technology ,the improvement of people’s pursuit for health and beauty, the laser technology has more significant advantages in clinical application: It is safer, more effective and widely recognized by more and more doctors & patients.

As a laser medical device manufacturer, Wingderm® focuses on the research and production of the new generation of laser medical device, and then promotes it globally. Since the Lasermach©( Diode laser hair removal device ) was widely praised around the whole world in 2018, and we launched Renuva® (1550nm non-ablative fractional laser device) in 2020, which has been certified by the Medical CE of the European Union and FDA of the United States.

The 1550nm fractional laser has a wide range of applications, including acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles removal and photoaging, etc. Dr.Martyn King from the UK collaborated with the UK exclusive distributor of Wingderm® and conducted a clinical study on Renuva® for around 1 year. He believes that the application of 1550nm non-ablative fractional laser has its unique advantages in skin anti-aging, especially for the treatment of male photoaging.

Dr.Martyn King’s research thesis & video recommendation of Renuva®clinical

Picture above: Before and After treatment picture using 1550nm ablative laser for a 60-year-old male photoaging patient.

On 3 February 2022, Dr Martyn King published a thesis named ‘Clinical research: The application of fractional laser’ in the <Aesthetics Journal>, a major journal of medical aesthetics. The study shows that 1550nm non-ablative fractional laser is a safe and effective treatment for wrinkles and skin tightness. “It’s quite popular among male patients. The treatment is almost painless with a short recovery period, no regular and additional care is needed, and the treatment results can last for a long time. It can assist other aesthetic treatments or be used as a independent treatment.” Dr Martyn King said.