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Wingderm® Shines at IMCAS Asia 2024 with the Innovative Aesthetic Solutions

From June 21 to 23, IMCAS Asia was held in Bangkok,Thailand. Wingderm®, a provider of medical aesthetic devices, has garnered significant attention with its innovative aesthetic solutions.Many visitors stopped by Wingderm®’s booth and stayed for valuable insights. Wingderm® members communicated and discussed with peers, industry experts and business representatives from all over the world, introducing the design concepts and positionings of the products, staying current with the latest industry and technology trends, learning the successful experience of many outstanding companies. Through communication with all of them, Wingderm® can design the strategies of R&D and market positioning more accurately. Throughout the exhibition, Derma Innovation, Wingderm®’s distributor in Thailand, has provided substantial support and assistance. With the local advantages of Derma Innovation, Wingderm® can communicate with visitors more effectively, enhancing their trust and recognition of Wingderm®’s products and services.

At every international exhibition, Wingderm® presents professional products and advanced aesthetic concepts, while also improving the reputation. In the future, Wingderm® will continue to participate in international exhibitions and industry events, and look forward to working with excellent partners to provide high-quality products and services for global beauty seekers.

Wingderm® Shines Bright in the U.S.A., Continuously Expanding the Local Business Network

Wingderm®, a medical aesthetic device service provider that offers comprehensive aesthetic solutions, recently concluded its successful participation in the AAD(American Academy of Dermatology) Annual Meeting in March and the ASLMS(American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery) Annual Conference in April. Both events provided invaluable opportunities for Wingderm® to showcase its cutting-edge technologies and establish a stronger presence in the United States of America.

Wingderm®’s presence at these prestigious events attracted significant attention, with attendees expressing keen interest in Wingderm®’s innovative solutions for non-invasive aesthetic treatments, such as laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, and promotion of nutrients absorption. Wingderm® representatives presented and showcased devices on-site, offering in-depth consultations to visitors and facilitating opportunities for communication and collaboration with practitioners. Wingderm®’s engagement with practitioners and key industry stakeholders at these events has reinforced its position as a key player in the industry.

“Both events have been instrumental in strengthening our presence in the U.S.A. market and fostering valuable relationships with relevant interested parties. We remain dedicated to advancing the field of medical aesthetics through innovative technologies that empower practitioners and enhance patient outcomes.” said Carol Ren, Vice President of Wingderm®.

As Wingderm® continues to expand its global footprint, it looks forward to building upon the momentum gained from its participation in the AAD and ASLMS events. Currently, Wingderm® is in the process of setting up an office in the U.S.A. to introduce tailored services and aesthetic solutions to meet the specific needs of the local market, improving customer satisfaction. We hope to show our professionalism to each partner we collaborate with in the near future!


Focus on AAD Annual Meeting, Witness the Innovations of Wingderm®

The AAD Annual Meeting was held at the San Diego Convention Center from March 8th to 12h, Wingderm ® participated in this exhibition. 

Our participation in this exhibition has enhanced the international recognition of our devices, contributing to the global performance of Wingderm®.

We showcased our innovative devices, and participated in some industry conferences to stay abreast of the latest research results and development trends, gathered valuable market information, and gained insights to enhance our business performance.

We engaged in discussions with peers and experts, exchanged views on clinical applications, and learned about the challenges posed by market changes. At the same time, we also identified opportunities and glimpsed hope for the future.

Wingderm® is always committed to technological innovation and deeply collaborates with industry experts, developing devices with unique advantages. In the future, we will continue to cooperate with clinical doctors, jointly explore new technologies and applications in the field of photoelectric medical beauty devices, providing beauty seekers with a safer, more effective, and comfortable aesthetic experience.

At the same time, we will actively expand into international business , bringing Wingderm®’s devices and services to the global stage, allowing more people to enjoy the beauty and confidence brought by technological innovation.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all booth guests! Please stay tuned for more updates on our next destination.


Wingderm® Launches Lasermach2, Revolutionizing Hair Removal Solution, at IMCAS World Congress 2024 in Paris

In the morning of February 1st, Wingderm® announced the launch of Lasermach2 at IMCAS World Congress 2024 in Paris, which represents another revolutionizing breakthrough by Wingderm® in medical aesthetics industry.

Wingderm® founder and CEO, Will Wang, as the keynote speaker at the press conference, introduced Lasermach 2 to everyone. Lasermach 2 is a more efficient, comfortable, and intelligent solution for hair removal, it features 808nm and a combination of 755nm, 808nm and 1064nm wavelengths, providing laser hair removal treatments for for I-VI skin tones and almost all hair types. A 4cm² large spot size can treat efficiently, whole-body hair removal takes approximately 16 minutes in theory. The lightweight dual handpieces allow for quick switching , without the need to plug or unplug, facilitating a more convenient operation. The upgraded cooling system improves the comfort of treatment, leading to higher patients acceptance.

Additionally, Lasermach 2 is equipped with intelligent system, Wingcloud® helps the clinic owners to manage intelligently and improve customer service. Detailed treatment data can be accessed by both operators and patients, ensuring continuous treatment, increasing patients’ trust in operations.

“Over the years, the clinical results and financial benefits of Lasermach have been proven in the market. Wingderm® is dedicated to technological innovation and quality assurance, aiming to ensure practitioners and beauty seekers an excellent hair removal experience. Lasermach 2 has innovated and upgraded in many aspects, such as overall performance, clinical experience and technology application, showing better performance than the previous generation. I think Lasermach 2 will be a highly competitive laser hair removal device in the market for the next several years. ” Said Will Wong.

On February 1-3, Wingderm® booth (H141) will showcase a range of devices, including Lasermach 2, Mesoskin and Renuva. We warmly welcome you to visit us.

Wingderm® “Dual Innovation, Infinite Possibilities” International Distributor conference was successfully held at IMCAS World Congress 2024 in Paris

IMCAS World Congress 2024 was held in Paris, France from February 1st to 3rd. On the first day, Wingderm® successfully held the “Dual Innovation, Infinite Possibilities” new device release conference for its signed distributors worldwide, along with Renuva upgrade presentation and clinical application sharing session, which was a complete success.

Lasermach 2 Technology Launch

Will Wong, CEO of Wingderm®, unveiled the newly Lasermach 2 laser hair removal solution. Compared with the previous generation, Lasermach 2 is comprehensively upgraded from hardware unit, clinical application and intelligence. A 4c㎡ large spot size for faster hair removal speed and higher treatment efficiency, and lightweight dual handpieces for easy operation without disassembly. Lasermach 2 is equipped with Wingcloud® IOT platform, allowing clinic owners to keep track of device status, operators and beauty seekers to view treatment plans online, making device management smarter. With its upcoming official launch, Lasermach 2 is expected to be a highly competitive hair removal device in the next few years.

Will Wong, CEO of Wingderm®

Upgrade in Function and Design for Renuva

Since its launch, Renuva has won the favour of many partners for its advantages of short recovery time, low risk and high acceptation of repeat business. To improve the user experience, Renuva has now been further improved. Carol Ren, Vice President of Wingderm®, pointed out that the improved Rolling Tips adopt magnetic sensing technology,

which offers more accurate and faster treatment and it avoids the ambient light interference, making the treatment more stable and reliable. Wingderm® has also designed a new GrowTip specifically for the application of Renuva in hair growth. This innovation is set to be welcomed by an increasing number of beauty seekers. Through these improvements, Renuva will further enhance the operation convenience and meet the individual needs of beauty seekers.

Carol Ren, Vice President of Wingderm®

Renuva Clinical Applications

As keynote speakers of Renuva clinical applications, Dr. Matthieu SERGENT FERRERI from France and Dr. Martyn King from the United Kingdom took this conference to another level. Dr. Matthieu shared the unique advantages of Renuva in skin problems treatment such as fine lines, hair loss, pigmentation, scars, and photoaging, and the remarkable results it has achieved. Dr. Martyn presented a holistic approach of combining Renuva with other aesthetic treatments like Botulinum toxin, PDO threads, and Hyaluronic acid filler. The sharing from these two KOLs added significant academic value and practical guidance to the conference.


Dr. Martyn King

Certificate of Appreciation

After the speech, Carol Ren presented the Certificates of Appreciation to the two guest speakers, expressing recognition and gratitude for their outstanding efforts and significant contributions to the clinical applications of Renuva.

Certificate of Partnership

Wingderm®’s achievements today would not have been possible without the strong support and close cooperation of the distributors. Will Wong presented the Certificates of Partnership to the outstanding distributors around the world, which are not only the recognition of their hard work and outstanding performance in the past year, but also expectation and commitment to future cooperation.

Showcase the Devices

During the 3-day exhibition, Wingderm® showcased a wide range of devices, with Lasermach 2 and the upgraded Renuva garnering significant interest. In the near future, these devices will be officially released. At that time, Wingderm® will work together with the partners to provide better devices and an enhanced user experience for beauty seekers worldwide.

Dr. Gabriela Merciks recommendation letter showcases the advantages of Mesoskin

Thank you Dr. Gabriela Mercik for the recommendation letter. Dr. Gabriela has been using Mesoskin in her own clinic for many years, and achieving very good results .

“I recommend the Mesoskin device, which is a safe and effective way to non-invasively improve skin’s overall health and appearance, while keeping the patient safe and happy.” 

—Dr. Gabriela Mercik

Clinical Cases

Recommendation Letter

Research of Mesoskin for Mesotherapy Treatment

Professor Hang Wang delivered a speech with the topic of “Research of Mesoskin for Mesotherapy Treatment”. This research achievement once again reaffirmed the comprehensive advantages of Mesoskin for Mesotherapy Treatment in transdermal delivery.


Wingderm® Has Unveiled the Latest Research of Mesoskin for Mesotherapy Treatment at AMWC

On October 20-22, 2023, the Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC) was held in Chengdu, Sichuan, China. A wide range of aesthetic plastic surgery products and technologies made their appearance at this event, Wingderm®’s Latest Research of Mesoskin for Mesotherapy Treatment have captured the attention of experts, practitioners, and beauty seekers.

Research of Mesoskin for Mesotherapy Treatment

Professor Hang Wang, the Executive Director of AMWC and Chief of The Department of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Dematology, West China stomatological Hospital, Sichuan university, delivered a speech as a guest speaker at the Facial Rejuvenation Forum, with the topic of “Research of Mesoskin for Mesotherapy Treatment”. The EPM technology utilized in Mesoskin from Wingderm® served as the research subject in this clinical trial.

Multiple clinical trial results show that compared to transdermal introduction methods such as nanocrystals, derma rollers, and water injections, EPM technology results in less skin damage, higher permeability and more even subcutaneous hyaluronic acid distribution in the delivery of 150KDa hyaluronic acid, it performs well in both skin experience and treatment efficacy. This research achievement once again reaffirmed the comprehensive advantages of Mesoskin for Mesotherapy Treatment in transdermal delivery.

After the speech, Wingderm® Vice President Ms. Xu Ren presented a certificate to Professor Hang Wang to express gratitude for her significant contributions to Research of Mesoskin. Xu Ren said, Wingderm® will engage in more research and verification of innovative technologies and products that cater to market demands.

About EPM Technology

EPM, introduced by Wingderm® in 2018,creatively combines electroporation and hollow microchip. It aims to improve the absorption rate of nutrients, reduce pain sensation, and enhance the treatment experience. The commercialization of EPM technology resulted in the groundbreaking product Mesoskin, which caused a sensation in the industry as soon as it was launched. This almost painless, non-invasive, and effective treatment method has been recognized and recommended by experts and scholars worldwide and has been widely used global beauty salons and clinics. EPM transdermal introduction represents a breakthrough advancement in the industry and possesses significant market potential.

About Wingderm®

Wingderm® since its establishment in 2016, with the aim of “Aesthetics&Technology, Easy to Achieve”, provide leading and reliable intelligent optoelectronic medical equipments, which are exported to 80+ countries including Europe, America, and the Middle East. 10,000+ devices have been deployed and treated 100,000+ beauty seekers worldwide.