The effectiveness and safety of diode laser hair removal have been confirmed by dermatologists around the world.

This technique is suitable for all skin types, non-invasive, no down time, economical and reliable, and is considered as a gold standard for hair removal.

Non-invasive & Rejuvenation and Skin Remodeling

Research of Mesoskin for Mesotherapy Treatment

Professor Hang Wang delivered a speech with the topic of “Research of Mesoskin for Mesotherapy Treatment”. This research achievement once again reaffirmed the comprehensive advantages of Mesoskin for Mesotherapy Treatment in transdermal delivery.


Guest  :  Dr. Hang Wang, Ph.D, Professor
Chief of The Department of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Dematology, West China stomatological Hospital, Sichuan university. Member of Medical Aesthetics and Cosmetics Committee of Chinese Medical Association. Member of Beauty and Plastic Branch of Chinese Medical Doctor Association.


AMWC China 2023
kaish AMWC China 2023

11:30am,October 21th, 2023

4F-XINGLONGHU LAKE B,Tianfu International Convention Center,Chengdu