The effectiveness and safety of diode laser hair removal have been confirmed by dermatologists around the world.

This technique is suitable for all skin types, non-invasive, no down time, economical and reliable, and is considered as a gold standard for hair removal.

Non-invasive & Rejuvenation and Skin Remodeling

The application of Mesoskin in the scalp PRP therapy

Dr. Pragati shared the clinical application of scalp PRP therapy with Mesoskin. In this webinar, she introduced the working principle of Mesoskin and presented clinical cases.

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Guest  :  Dr.Pragati Shubha
Dr. Pragati Shubha is a registered ENT, Cosmetic and Plastic surgeon in Gurgaon, from one of the pioneer institutions in India. She has always had an inclination towards Rhinoplasty and Facial Plastic Surgery. This led her to attain the highest honors in the field from India and Europe (Austria & Italy).


AMWC China 2023
kaish AMWC China 2023

11:30am,October 21th, 2023

4F-XINGLONGHU LAKE B,Tianfu International Convention Center,Chengdu